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Katy’s Firework song review

The latest music album of Katy Perry is out and fans are rushing to buy the CDs. If you don’t know the name, don’t worry — here you go — it’s Teenage Dreams. There are some very good songs in this album and you need to listen to them to feel them. One of the latest songs of Katy Perry is Firework. If you check out the video of this song, you will be totally enthralled by the beauty of Katy Perry. T

he Firework video starts with the beautiful singer on the terrace of a building looking upon the entire night view. The beautiful cream white dress that she is wearing is very old fashioned, but Katy manages to carry it off with grace. There are many Katy Perry review on the internet and most of them would tell you that Katy Perry looks gorgeous in the Firework video.

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The words ‘Do you ever feel’ are predominant in this song because Katy Perry seems to ask a lot of questions to the audiences. When you take a first glance at the song and the music video, you will feel that Katy Perry wants to bring a change in the world, but she is not able to understand the world that is so enigmatic and strange. In the Firework music video, people are shown from all walks of life. There are people fighting and there are people partying. The actual fireworks begin in the middle of the song when Katy says ignite. The fireworks appear to be coming out of Katy Perry’s chest.

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